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300ml Budget Mystery Box

300ml Budget Mystery Box

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This is a mystery box containing mixed flavours from your chosen flavour type.

What you will receive in the 300ml Mystery box:

300ml or more of eliquid, this can be a combination of bottle sizes - 30ml, 60ml and 120ml. For example: you might receive 5 x 60ml or 1 x 120ml + 2 x 60ml+ 2 x 30ml.

Your order will contain sufficient nic shots to achieve your chosen nic strength if ordering 3 or 6mg.

30ml add 5ml (half nic shot)
60ml add 10ml (1 nic shot)
120ml add 20ml (2 nic shots)
30ml add 10ml (1 nic shot)
60ml add 20ml (2 nic shot)
120ml add 40ml (4 nic shots)

Important: The mystery boxes are non-refundable (if not to your liking). Please note that your order will not arrive in a box. 

By ordering this pack you agree to purchase randomly selected flavours that are not changeable.

What's in the flavour type?

1. Randomly selected = This will be a completely random selection across all our flavour ranges. There may be more than 1 bottle from any of the following categories: Fruit, Menthol, Ice, Drinks, Candy, Tobacco, Dessert, etc.

2. Fruit = This will be a completely random selection of fruit-based flavours. Some flavours may contain Ice or Menthol. However, by selecting a fruit pack every flavour will fruit based.

3. Menthol/Ice = This will be a completely random selection of menthol/ice-based flavours.

4. Dessert = This will be a completely random selection of dessert-based flavours. For example, this could be anything from custards, doughnuts, cheesecakes to bakeries, etc.

5. Candy = This will be a completely random selection of candy-based flavours.

ONLY available for UK orders. For international orders please email us at:

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Jordan Campbell
300ml mystery box

Received the VERY next day! Thought I'd try this just because there'd be something I wouldn't normally have ordered and every single one tastes amazing! I'm a convert to banana moon pie now as normally would shy away from anything with banana.
The next order will be another of the mystery boxes!

Chris Jevon
Brilliant buy!

Brilliant deal, got 3 60ml bottles and a 120ml bottle and all great flavours, highly recommend if you want a to surprise yourself and get out of the routine of the same flavour.

David Short

Brilliant for the money, will definitely buy again.. the wait to see what you get is amazing you won't be disappointed. Pic is without nicshots added..

Darren Donovan

Fresh strawberry Mellon drip cherry bomber good job I like these as I always get them not o much a mystery but good value

David Parr

Nice choice of liquids definitely recommended if you want to try new flavours