How can I get in contact with you?
Please email us at vapegoomail@gmail.com

How do I add a nic shot?
Please view our How To Mix page, for full information.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?
We send out all orders first class same day if ordered before 1pm (GMT UK time).

Do I need to steep my e-liquid once the nicotine shot has been added?
All our e-liquid is pre steeped and ready to vape straight away however the juice will benefit from further steeping once the nic shot has been added.

What delivery service do you use?
We use Royal Mail first class and first class signed for.

 How much is postage?
All UK orders are FREE first class postage. Charges do apply for international delivery.

Are 120ml package deals sent 1st class?
All UK orders are FREE first class postage. However, if multiple 120ml orders are purchased at one time they may be dispatched in two separate parcels. (Postage charges are applied if ordered outside of the UK).

Why can I not buy only 1 bottle?
The deals that we have are the most cost effective and best for keeping the prices down for our customers.

Can I add more nic shots to my 0 mg e-liquid?
You can add more although not recommended as the 0mg juice that is sent out with your order is pre measured and premixed to the exact ratio for the order that you have placed. By adding further nic shots you will reduce and dilute the flavour of the juice.

 Are your liquids TPD compliant?
Our zero nicotine liquids do not require being TPD regulated therefore we are able to sell 0 mg nicotine liquid in larger bottles.  However, the 10 ml nicotine shots have to be and are TPD compliant.  These are made and tested by our suppliers here in the UK.

Why are your liquids so cheap?
We are not a greedy company, we have researched and found the best most cost efficient ways to provide quality juice to our customers.  By buying in bulk from our UK suppliers we are able to pass these saving on to you directly.

Are your liquids made in the UK?
Yes, all our liquids are 100 % manufactured in the UK.

What ingredients are in your products?
We only use food grade ingredients those being VG vegetable glycerin, PG Propylene glycol, and flavourings, that's it! We do not add colouring or water to our juices. However, some of the concentrates that we use already contain colourings.

Why has my e-liquid changes colour?
If you add the nicotined shot to your liquid the colour may darken over time due to a reaction between the nicotine and the liquid, this is common during the further steeping process.

What is the ratio of PG and VG in your liquid - and can I change it?
We only offer 70%VG and 30%PG the best ratio we have found, and due to the fact that all our liquids are made in bulk batches, therefore, we are unable to change the PGVG ratio.

How old do I have to be to order your juices?
All customers ordering juice MUST be 18 years old.  No orders will be accepted by those under that age.

Can I have more than 1 add-on per package purchased?
Any special add-on offer is limited to one bottle per package purchased. Add-ons cannot be purchased on their own.

I live outside the UK can I order?
We offer international shipping to these countries click here to see the list.

What packaging do you use?
All orders are sent in a plain well sealed padded packaging with no mention of the contents.

Why are some liquids coloured and some clear?
The majority of our juices are clear and we don't add colourings ourselves to juices and we don't see the point in adding extra nasties if they are not needed.  However, some of the concentrates used to make the liquids already contain colouring at the point of manufacture.

Why does my label not indicate what nicotine strength I have ordered?
The label is left blank to enable you to record what strength nicotine that you have in each individual bottle.


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