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The Additive Pack

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In The Additive Pack pack you will receive:

1x Fresh Booster (Concentrate)
1x Menthol Booster (Concentrate)
1x Sweet Booster (Concentrate)
1x Sour Booster (Concentrate)
1x Ice Booster (Concentrate)

Warning: These are concentrates not to be vaped alone and must be diluted before vaping. These DO NOT contain nicotine.

How to use:
Simply add a few drops to your chosen e-liquid bottle (do not add to your device)
Shake extremely well

For example: By adding 3-4 drops of ICE BOOSTER to Strawberry and Kiwi (No.21) gives a chilled effect, however, after trying if you would like it a bit colder, simply add a few more drop to taste (example).